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The Old schoolhouse Magazine has just completed a review of Can Do Cubes for English grammar.

Click here to read the results.



Courtesy of Deb Bible ( forty homeschooling families in the US have now published their reviews of Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. 

For the full forty reviews, click here.  For a taste,  look at reviews 1 (click here) and 4 (click here).

We wish everyone an enjoyable Christmas and a fulfilling 2016.

We hope you like our new-look website.

JUNE 2015
The Activities Books for Can Do Cubes for English grammar, UK and US editions, are now available as free Downloads Apologies for their brief disappearance.

MAY 2015
Can Do Cubes for English grammar AND Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics are now available in Open Dyslexia font.

APRIL 2015
Two new product ranges will be launched by the end of the month:

  1. Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics – for older learners;
  2. Can Do Cubes for English grammar – with OpenDyslexic font.

All Can Do Cubes for English grammar, and for synthetic phonics, will be available, featuring Open Dyslexic font, by the end of May.


With the help of UK Trade & Investment, we are hoping to establish a major presence in western Australia with the appointment of a new area partner.

Engage Minds is opening its new education centre in Brunei, in a minute!.

With the support of Deb Bible ( we are strengthening our presence in the North America home-schooling market – watch this space for advertising links.

This website is constantly being updated and will feature our full range of products (including bags!) soon.

As all phonics products that need it will now contain a CD showing Laurie’s Teachers’ Guide and Template Book, there is no longer the necessity to download it from the website; the same applies to the Can Do Cubes for English grammar, US and BASIC editions’ Activities Book. The FREE DOWNLOADS page has, therefore, been discontinued. If you have any comments to make about this, or any other aspect of the Company and its products, please speak.


Can Do Cubes wishes everyone what they wish themselves for Christmas and 2015.


Engage Minds, our partner in Brunei is championing Can Do Cubes throughout the region.



Debbie Hepplewhite (Phonics International) and Laurie Fyke (Jolly Phonics ProfessionalTrainer; Educational Writer) recommend that our Stage One and StageTwo student trays should also be used as brilliant multisensory complements to other, genuine synthetic phonics programmes (eg. Phonics International; Jolly Phonics).

From Canada – Nancy Kondrat shot this video of the cubes with her iphone:

Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics uses a pre-cursive font as standard. However, versions are now available using print (ball and stick) font. If this is your preferred version, please specify ‘PRINT’ when making payment through this website or when placing an order by fax or email.

If North America edition required, please specify ‘NA’ when you making payment through this website or when you place your order.


Brand new PRINT edition is now available for users in North America. UK edition will be available soon.


Nancy’s iphone video has sparked the idea of a video page to complement our instruction books. Watch this space!


Engage-minds joins the Can Do family and opens its new store in Brunei.


Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics – Teaching Set, is now available.


Laurie Fyke’s brilliant Teacher’s Guide and Template Book is now free to download. It is available in either its complete, 133 page version, or as four, themed, separate ‘workbook’ sections. Either way, it offers a major resource for the teaching and learning of synthetic phonics.


– Since being awarded an MBE for Services to Education in the 2012 New Year’s Honours list, Debbie Hepplewhite, author of Can Do Cubes for synthetic phonics, has continued to fulfil her busy schedule of teacher-training, giving talks, consulting and designing resources.

Remarkably, she has also found time to embark on a project to complement her original Can Co Cubes conception with a range of free, online resources that will become available on this website over the coming months. WATCH THIS SPACE!

MAY 2012

Laurie’s Toronto conference was very successful.

APRIL 2012

Can Do Education Limited joins the British Business Club (supported by UK Trade and Investment).


Susanna emailed:
Thanks Michael!
The Maths and Science cubes work well with the Alpha to Omega Stage 3 (Activity Pack)