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In our present circumstances, we are not able to supply any of our products.
In our present circumstances, we are not able to supply any of our products.

What People Are Saying

  • I really love this set, as it adds some hands-on fun to not just our grammar studies, but also to other language arts activities.

    Debra Brinkman
    (Crew Administrator, The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew)
  • The [phonics] set is worth every penny! What a great learning tool.

    As We Bloom
    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • I was in shock when box day arrived! This is a full blown curriculum and it is amazing!

    I was beyond impressed with this set.

    Creatively Crunchy Mum
    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • Really, they are a beautiful, well-made product.

    Sensible Whimsy
    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • This system is so comprehensive that any parent can use it with their child.

    Lille Pumkin
    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • With Can Do Cubes we have made leaps and bounds in phonics, letter recognition, reading , and spelling.

    Simple at Home
    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • I absolutely love the cubes. They are just the right size for little hands and allow a child, who does not yet have fine-motor skills, to write words – to build words!

    (Homeschooler, USA)
  • Best Phonics Resource EVER!

    (homeschooler, USA)
  • Our bilingual Assistants love the grammar cubes

    Dina Mehmedbegovic
    (London researcher, London Education Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London)
  • ‘I’ve been using Can Do Cubes for English grammar all year with Key Stage 3 classes; they are ceaselessly entertaining.

    Kids really engage with the kinaesthetic element and manifest an interest in sentence construction that would be impossible to achieve by normal means.’

    Phil Beadle
    (teacher, journalist, author)
  • Can Do Cubes can also be used as a very effective multisensory complement to the

    Jolly Phonics programme.

    Sue Lloyd
    (author of Jolly Phonics)
  • Also wanted you to know that we are using the cubes in our reading classes and they are working so very well. It is my hope that our students will request them when they get out in the schools.

    Hang in there, you have a wonderful product.’

    Donna Harrell Dooley Ed. D.
    (Dean of the School of Education (ret’d), East Texas Baptist University, USA)